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Walking the work-life tightrope during a pandemic

Work-life balance - it’s something that’s been unsteady for a lot of us working parents, since the COVID pandemic started. As a new parent, I’ve been on a very steep learning curve over the last few months. I thought I’d share some of the balancing techniques that’s worked for me, as I tried to work out the right mix of video conferences to baby play time.


Mom Life: The Wonder Weeks (or Thunder Weeks?)

The Wonder Weeks (also called 'leaps'). Oh, where to begin with this one. Like I said before, the first few weeks after coming home from hospital with bubs were a whirlwind. I was sleepwalking half the time, grumpy, anxious, the works. That said, I was also making some (I said 'some'!) kind of progress in… Continue reading Mom Life: The Wonder Weeks (or Thunder Weeks?)


Mom Life: Respect!

Hi everyone What's this?Welcome to my new thread, Mom Life! I had the honour of becoming a mom on 8th October 2019. And this thread is all about sharing my experiences, face palm moments, fun times, mom-hacks etc as a new mom. So stay tuned for more ☺️ How it all beganI wanted to start… Continue reading Mom Life: Respect!